The Make Fortune Business Solutions team announces a new service - flights on an individual charter from Russia to the UAE: a private jet for relocation, business trips or leisure. The optimal solution for those who value their time and safety, prefer personal comfort and privacy.

Dubai is undeniably one of the top cities for business relocation and relocation.It is a key trading and financial center that attracts many investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. One of the frequent requests to our company is to help move to the country alone or with the whole family, to transport company employees or the entire production. Therefore, we offer TURNKEY RELOCATION as part of our service package. One of the stages of this direction is the organization of a comfortable arrival from your country to Dubai airport.

Flight on a private jet to the UAE from anywhere in the world.

The private jet service is provided in collaboration with business aviation broker Jet Finder, which has been organizing charter flights since 2017.

The service package includes:

  • Selection and booking of a business jet. You can fly with any composition: individually, with partners or family, with children or pets. Experienced stewards and pilots will make sure that everyone feels comfortable on board.
  • "Green Corridor" in the airport terminal which includes passage of customs and passport control, baggage clearance within 10 minutes through separate VIP terminals.
  • Experienced crew. All charter pilots have the appropriate flight permits and many years of experience in flying aircraft around the world.
  • Flight on a modern aircraft. You can travel comfortably with certified operators on aircraft such as Gulfstream, Bombardier, Cessna, Embraer, Dassault Falcon.
  • Meals on board. Exquisite menu tailored to your individual needs.
  • NDA non-disclosure agreement. We ensure the safety and confidentiality of the trip and personal data.
  • Operator support 24/7. Accompanying the charter manager during paperwork, boarding the plane and meeting at the Dubai airport.

Additionally, we help with the preparation of all necessary documents for further residence in the country, such as Emirates ID, insurance, etc.

List of documents for flying on a private jet to the UAE

To book and organize a flight on a business jet, you must prepare the following documents:

  • international passport
  • birth certificates of children (if they are flying with you)

You will need the rest of the documents for obtaining residency and an ID card, as well as for further processing services from the UAE government services:

  • a document reflecting marital status
  • adoption certificate (in special cases)
  • university diplomas for qualified employees
  • school certificates for children
  • vaccination certificates for persons under 18 years of age


Benefits of moving to Dubai

Dubai is at the epicenter of the global economy given its geographical advantage. For 50 years, the country has become a progressive and innovative center that is ready to accept expats from anywhere in the world from a desert piece of land on the Persian Gulf.

Here are just some of the benefits of moving to the Emirate:

  • Stable currency and high level of profitability. The dirham is firmly pegged to the dollar, at a ratio of 1 dollar to 3.6725 dirhams. For more than 45 years, this rate has not changed, which makes the UAE currency one of the most reliable in the world.
  • No income tax, inheritance or capital gains tax, or real estate tax. A tax resident of the UAE is exempt from paying taxes in their country or pays them at a reduced rate.
  • Developed infrastructure. Medicine, transport, education, culture and internal services are organized at the level of high standards.
  • Possibility of visa-free travel to other countries. As well as facilitated conditions for obtaining an American and Schengen visa.

Accessibility in paperwork.

To fully live and work in Dubai, it is enough to issue an Emirates ID for yourself and family members.


The cost of the service includes a flight at the price of an air carrier and full support of the charter manager and crew on board. To learn more about relocation as well as book the date and time of the flight, the Make Fortune Business Solutions Destination Manager will help.