The Emirate of Dubai is currently a trendy and sought-after relocation destination for influencers. This is due to the fact that now the UAE compares favorably with other countries of the world and is a safe and peaceful island for expats. Some move to enjoy year-round sunshine, vibrant social life, and high-quality services.Others are interested in a soft tax policy, a high level of earnings, the presence of a large number of start-ups and free niches.

Options for legal earnings and registration

Dubai provides excellent opportunities both for those who want to open their own business here, and for those who intend to realize themselves as self-employed. Bloggers and professionals can obtain permission to conduct freelance activities (Freelance Permit). Such a permit is equivalent to a Russian IP and entitles the self-employed to obtain a residence visa for themselves and their families, legally reside in the country and enjoy other opportunities such as the opportunity to open a bank account, get a loan, work in the UAE and outside the country. An important point is that such a phrase as “freelance visa” often appears on the Internet, forums, and other sources. We want to clarify right away that these are two different documents, and you can receive them sequentially, or only one of them. For example, you already have a residence visa, and you want to get a license to conduct freelance activities, while another person needs to obtain both a license and a UAE resident visa.

Unlike a license, which must be renewed every year, a UAE resident visa can be issued for two years. We are writing in more detail about the different ways to obtain a resident visa in our article. To obtain permission to conduct freelance activities, you must apply to one of the free zones of the UAE. A free zone is a special economic jurisdiction located in a certain territory of the emirate. The choice of a free zone for obtaining a freelance license depends on the type of activity. TECOM Group in Dubai has provided the best conditions for media, design, technology, and education professionals. Photographers, actors, copywriters, animators, choreographers, graphic and web designers, and journalists can obtain a freelance license in the Dubai Media City free zone. Stylists, fashion designers and other fashion and design professionals can turn to the Dubai Design District. And the Dubai Knowledge Park free trade zone is open to educators, coaches, academic researchers, and educational consultants.

Prices and conditions of registration

The registration process is quite simple. First of all, you must obtain a permit (license) to work as a freelancer. A license can be obtained from one of free-zones of the emirate of Dubai, or neighboring emirates. In Dubai, applicants can apply online on the GoFreelance platform specially created for freelancers. You receive a license within 10 business days. Then you need to apply for an establishment card, which is subject to annual renewal. After that, you can apply for a resident visa. The list of required documents can be found on our website. Let's talk about the price of the issue. Make Fortune Business Solutions provides freelance permit services on a turnkey basis: with us you can forget about paperwork and the need for a long wait to submit documents. We provide a fast-track service and provide full support with the provision of a luxury car. Full price including ALL government fees is $6065. The second option for legal earnings for freelancers is to register a company. There are dozens of free economic zones in the United Arab Emirates where you can open a company. The cost, terms and nuances of opening a business in the UAE, you can check with our specialists. The third option for official employment for freelancers is to get an invitation from a local company. There are several ways to look for a job in Dubai: - Independently. - By contacting a recruiting agency. It is important to understand that there is no minimum wage in the UAE. Dubai can offer even an unskilled employee a salary several times higher than in his country.


What do you need to be prepared for when planning a move to the UAE?

Given the popularity and prospects of Dubai as a place with excellent business opportunities, ambitious and talented professionals should consider moving to Dubai. However, we cannot fail to mention the presence of a contrasting shortcoming, which could not be avoided in a country with such a level of economy. For all its tax attractiveness, the state puts a rather high price tag on indirect payments to the state or insurance companies. Since more than 80% of the UAE population are visiting foreigners, you should be prepared for a high level of competition. Despite the uniqueness and quality of the product or service you create, there will always be a competitor from Asia, India, or Pakistan with a price tag lower than yours and willing to more stringent requirements from the customer. Therefore, it is critically important to plan business relocation in advance, calculating detailed marketing and financial plans. Our company will be happy to help you with relocation to Dubai. Accompanying obtaining a license to conduct freelancing activities or registering your own company on a turnkey basis with Make Fortune Business Solutions will save you time, spent energy and finances.