ports in uae

Today, despite the possibilities and efficiency of air cargo transportation, they are not always effective for the existing growing and developing business. So, for large cargoes with transportation between continents, the best option would certainly be sea transportation. We will understand the port areas of the UAE.

Dubai's passenger and cargo transport network consists of three major ports.
These are Jebel Ali, Rashid & Аль Хамрия Al Hamriya.

Jebel Ali – the largest port in the entire Persian Gulf and one of the largest "sea gates" on the planet. It is located 40 km southwest of Dubai. Built in the late 1970s, Jebel Ali has gone through a series of renovations and expansions. This was necessary in order to account for the exponentially growing traffic passing through the booming city.

The distinguishing feature of the port is – the status of a duty-free economic zone. Any enterprise in any country of the world has a full 100% right to own imported goods. Entrance depth - 17 meters. This means that ships with a carrying capacity of more than half a million tons and over 400 meters in length can stop here.

Rashid – the second largest port in Dubai. Located closer to the city center, close to districts Deira and Bur Dubai. Built in 1972 in an artificial harbor.

It has also been modernized several times. After the reconstruction in 2010, a passenger terminal was opened, which allows you to simultaneously serve 4 large cruise ships. Also from here, ferries move in regional directions - this is a connecting maritime passenger point between the UAE and other countries of the Persian Gulf.


Al Hamriya – located in the Deira area. Just like Jebel Ali, it is a free economic zone. The second main purpose is the export and re-export of goods destined for the Far East and India.

The entrance depth is 14 m, and the total area is over 20 million square meters, which also makes it one of the largest and most important maritime hubs in the Middle East region.

Features of port free zones in the UAE

Efficient logistics is a key component of the national economy. Emirates has the most modern solutions in the field of warehouse and transport logistics. Developed infrastructure and favorable geographical conditions provide the Emirates with the position of the optimal platform for various export operations.

Given that the UAE is an important center for international shipping, starting a logistics company in the UAE suggests that building business chains in the UAE will become much easier for you than in another location. Your company can register in the Special Economic Zone, which operates on the territory of shipping ports. These port areas require special attention when doing bookkeeping, so we highly recommend not to neglect correct reporting from the very beginning of the company.

It is worth noting that in the UAE, obstacles to efficient logistics are minimized, and the national licensing procedure is simplified as much as possible. In addition, for the operation of a logistics company in the UAE, it is enough to register virtual office, which significantly reduces all costs of maintaining the company.

Our highly qualified specialists will be able to guide you through all the intricacies of registering a large logistics company in the port areas of the UAE. Besides we will be happy to provide full accounting and personnel support for companies. We work both with those who register a company with our experts, and we will gladly provide qualified support to already experienced companies, advise on legal issues, audit, personnel support.