Trademark registration is critical to any business, regardless of size. A trademark helps create brand recognition, allowing it to differentiate itself from competitors and maintain its uniqueness. The registration procedure depends on the legal system and the mechanism chosen. Let's find out how it works in the UAE.

In the United Arab Emirates, trademark owners have been enjoying the benefits of the Madrid system since December 28, 2021. 

* The Madrid Protocol provides protection for trademarks in a number of countries and/or regions. There are currently 126 countries that participate in the Madrid System. 

As a result of the UAE joining this system, the process of trademark protection has become more efficient and convenient, attracting a growing number of foreign entrepreneurs. You can apply for the registration of a trademark on the territory of any member of the Madrid system by completing just one international form and paying a single set of fees.

The Madrid system offers benefits that extend not only to the filing of applications but also to what happens once the registration has been received. Trademarks can be registered internationally for a period of ten years. A trademark owner may renew his or her trademark registration after the expiration period by simply filing one application with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).

Additionally, the amendment of an international registration (such as changing the name or address) or the transfer to a third party happens through a single administrative process.

However, the Madrid Protocol also has a number of significant disadvantages, including:

- It is only possible to register an international trademark in a member country of the Madrid system.

- Deadlines for filing applications are short, and applicants may have difficulty completing their paperwork in time. 

- Each country has its own laws and procedures governing the examination of applications. That is why you must prepare for trademark protection in another country.

- Some countries have not updated their legislation to include international registration, which creates difficulties in complying with legal regulations.

Trademark registration prices and individual fee costs

Thanks to the UAE joining the Madrid System, you can save a lot of money on one of the most expensive trademark jurisdictions.

The cost of an international trademark registration includes a basic fee as well as additional costs, the amount of which depends on where it needs to be protected and how many classes of goods and services the registration will cover.

Following consultations with the United Arab Emirates office, the WIPO Director General set the price of the filing fee at 1,630 Swiss francs, or around US$1,770 per class of goods (not including filing and certification fees), which is much cheaper than the national trademark registration procedure in the UAE.

The Madrid Protocol also exempts the preparation and legalization of proxies, a process that can take several months and cost several thousand dollars more in the UAE.

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