Модели для предприятий

The consulting company Make Fortune confirms its participation as a sponsor in the international youth football tournament organized by GanaFote Cup-2024.

This prestigious tournament, which will bring together young footballers from around the world, will serve as a platform for talented children to showcase their skills and compete in a friendly atmosphere.

The Qualifying round will take place in various countries, including the UAE, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, Argentina, Australia, Japan and Andorra. The final of the competition is scheduled to be held in the city of Huelva, Spain. Make Fortune's sponsorship underscores their commitment to encouraging young athletes and promoting the development of football among children and teenagers.

The GanaFote Cup international football tournament is an event that unites children and teenagers of different nationalities, providing them with an opportunity to exchange experiences, develop skills, and establish long-lasting friendships. Thanks to the support of Make Fortune, the tournament gains additional attention and resources, helping to expand its scope and impact on the development of the youth football community.

Make Fortune takes pride in its contribution to sports and youth development and looks forward to the successful hosting of the GanaFote Cup 2024 as an event sponsor.