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Сonsultations on transfer pricing

We offer high-quality consulting services on transfer pricing matters. Our experts will assist you in developing and implementing strategies that ensure compliance with the transfer pricing norms and standards. We pay attention to details, ensuring optimal risk management and maximum operational efficiency for your company in international frameworks.


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    Why this service is essential for companies in the UAE

    In the UAE, as in many other countries, compliance with transfer pricing norms and standards is mandatory for companies, especially for international corporations. Effective transfer pricing is crucial for tax law compliance and reducing potential tax risks. In the UAE, where over 40 free trade zones operate, and major multinational companies actively thrive, transfer pricing (TP) strategies become particularly crucial.

    Service Stages

    Our consultants provide a wide range of transfer pricing services.

    Expert Consultation

    • Conducting an initial consultation where the client explains the nature of their request.
    • Explaining the company's structure and the nature of transactions between related entities.
    • Clarifying information about the jurisdictions where operations are conducted.

    Legal Analysis

    • Experts evaluate the gathered information in terms of the UAE transfer pricing legislation.
    • Providing consultations on compliance with current norms.

    Collection of Founding Documentation

    After the consultation, a request is made for the provision of the founding documents for a more in-depth analysis.

    Moving to the Next Stage

    Based on the provided documents, consultants prepare to move to the next stage of developing a strategy or implementing changes in transfer pricing.

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