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Corporate Bank Account

Opening a corporate bank account is an important part of setting up a company in the UAE. Despite the fact that the procedure is simplified, in order to successfully open a bank account, you will need the help of a consulting company to save time and avoid problems when submitting documents.


It is important that in order to open a bank account in the UAE, a personal visit to the bank by the account holder is required.


Make Fortune has extensive experience in helping to set up a business, opening personal and corporate bank accounts. We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your needs and propose opening an account with the bank that best aligns with your requirements.

Stages of collaboration
when Make Fortune

We answer all your questions, think over the work plan, negotiate the stages and deadlines
Enter into a contract
We draw up a list of services provided and all necessary payments, the total amount of all registration costs is clearly stated in the contract
Provide the required information
We undertake all possible preparation and submission of documents, you just need to provide us with correct data
Follow the progress of registration
We are available 24/7 during our work. We constantly inform about the status of the process at all stages: obtaining a license, obtaining a visa, opening personal and corporate accounts
Get a positive result
License, visa and Emirates ID received, accounts opened! You can start a business!
Business support in the UAE
Our specialists are ready to provide professional support in the areas of tax and accounting support

Why should you contact us?

Registration of your company in the UAE on a turnkey basis

We help to open corporate and personal bank accounts

We are engaged in registration and renewal of licenses, the VAT registration procedure

We provide assistance in obtaining a resident visa of the country

We carry out a comprehensive audit, help to keep accounting records

Assistance in obtaining permits and certificates

VIP escort We meet clients at the airport, escort them in premium class cars

We work with government agencies, free zones and banks without intermediaries

Maximum transparency in the provision of services. We ensure complete confidentiality of your data

Our services for opening a bank account

Assessment of personal and corporate experience

Preparation of necessary documents, drawn up taking into account all the requirements of the bank

Coordination with the bank representative during the meeting on the application for opening an account

Acquaintance of the client with the representative of the bank

Full support during the meeting and interview when applying for opening a bank account

Assistance with the process of opening a bank account


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    Corporate bank account

    The basis of the entire UAE banking system is the central bank, which is the main financial instrument that regulates all financial and banking institutions in the UAE. There are several types of banks, such as:

    • local banks;
    • Islamic banks are actually the same local banks, but they are regulated according to the Sharia's principles. For example, these banks don't invest in areas that are prohibited by Islam (gambling, alcohol, pork production);
    • foreign banks, that is, branches and representative offices of foreign banks (Societe Generale, Citibank N.A., Barclays Bank, etc). You can open a bank account only at a bank branch. The bank's representative office doesn't have such a function, but can only provide various consulting services.
    • other financial organizations (exchange offices, investment companies, financial intermediaries, etc.)

    Make Fortune  provides the best UAE bank account registration service. We will make a comprehensive analysis of your needs and offer you to open a bank account that best suits your requirements. We take into account the following factors when choosing the optimal bank for you:

    • an account is opened for the UAE resident/non-resident;
    • the activity type of your company;
    • where your company is registered;
    • the planned minimum balance on the balance;
    • countries in which your counterparties carry out business activities;
    • bank account currencies;
    • and other important nuances.

    Our company Make Fortune will provide you with full support when opening the following types of accounts in the UAE:

    • personal savings account;
    • personal current account;
    • corporate account for a company in the UAE free economic zone (free zone);
    • corporate account for a local UAE company (mainland).

    List of documents for opening a corporate account:

    • constituent documents of the company (license, company charter);
    • business plan of the company.

    A personal visit to the bank by the account holder is mandatory to open a bank account in the UAE.

    Frequently Asked

    What does it take to become a tax resident?

    There are three ways to become a UAE tax resident: register a company, apply for a job, or buy real estate and get an investor visa.

    What is the justification for a banking transaction?

    This is a confirmation of the purpose of the money transfer. You may submit contracts, invoices, waybills and other documentation to the bank.

    When opening an account, does the company have to provide proof of its office address?

    The question is extremely significant. The minimum requirement to open a bank account is to have a flexi-desk office. Unless the signatory is a citizen of a country that is considered "high-risk" in the UAE, the bank will definitely require a lease for a real office.

    How does a resident account differ from a non-resident account?

    Both UAE residents and non-UAE residents are eligible to open bank accounts. Currently, it is possible for a non-UAE resident to open a local bank account only if certain conditions are met.

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