Cars and automobiles trading in UAE in general and in Dubai precisely is a very successful business, so opening a company with such an activity with the right planning, a profit and success would be the sensible result.  

We can you open for you this business for you taking care of all the legal procedures and formalities needed. 

First, there are multiple activities allowed in Dubai, and here are some of them: 

 New Motor Vehicles Trading  

  • Buses & Trucks Trading  
  • Specialized Vehicles Trading 
  • Specialized Electric Cars Trading 
  • Specialized Vehicles for Safe Transport Trading 
  • Trailers Trading 
  • Racing Cars Trading 
  • Used Luxury Automobiles Trading 
  • New Automobile Trading for Export 

Used Automobile Trading 

  • Used Trucks Trading 
  • Classic Cars Trading 
  • Used Automobile Trading for Export 

Once we determine the activity needed (multiple activities can be combined in the same license as long it is related) we can choose the legal shape of the company.  

Lockley in Dubai all of these activities can be owned 100% by foreigners in an L.L.C company for a sole owner or multiple owners.  

An important notes should be taken into consideration like the following:  
  • New cars trading activity cannot be obtained unless there is a Legal agency from the parent company that owns the trademark or from the owner of this agency in UAE (all foreign documents that would be applied should be attested from the embassy or the consulate of UAE abroad and then from the ministry of foreign affairs here).
  • Used cars trading at the moment and according to the current regulations, they give the approval to proceed with such a license in specific areas in Dubai to open your showroom, like “Al Aweer” or “Motor City” is some cases (of course the regulations is changeable because of the non-stoppable process of development in Dubai).

 The license process:  

 We will need the personal and identification documents of the possible owners of this business (one or more).

  1. All legal documents might be needed to be related to the activity (agency letters or certificates – any foreign documents attested as per the regulations).
  2. Initial approval will be submitted, and we need to reserve the trade name.  
  3. An Office must be rented to get an Ejari “lease contract” (if it is a must for the activity as some of them could be obtained without an office for the first year).
  4. Final step is the final approval to get the company trade license.

 The process to get the license could take 3-5 working days if all the documents needed is available.  

Investor visa process:  
  • An investor visa can be obtained for the company owners, and we can definitely help with that giving the client the most easy and simple journey to get that done.
  • The process will need an actual presence of the owner who needs visa as there is medical test and biometrics for the emirates ID.

 The process to get the investor visa done could take 3-5 working days in VIP or a fast-track way.  If you want to get this type license for your company, please send a request to us. And our managers will contact you in the same day.