Freelance and remote work

How to register as a freelancer in the UAE

First stage
Online indicates contact details and field of activity, upload a scanned copy of your passport and UAE visa (if you are in the UAE). The application is considered within 5-7 business days. You will then receive an email approval.
Second stage
Pay a license fee of 7,500 UAE Dirhams ($2,040) annually. Payment can be made in cash, by card, or by check at TECOM co-working spaces. You will receive the license within two working days.
Third stage
You submit an application and obtain an establishment card, which costs 2,000 UAE Dirhams ($545) annually.
Fourth stage
Apply for a visa. Required documents include a passport, establishment card, photo, and valid medical insurance (which you must acquire in advance). The cost of a three-year visa is as follows: - If you are outside the UAE: 3,330 Dirhams ($900); - If you are in the UAE: 4,960 Dirhams ($1,350). There is an option for an express procedure, which increases the price to 3,900 and 6,340 Dirhams, respectively.
Fifth stage
Visa application. This may take 2-3 weeks.

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    Freelance and remote work in the UAE

    Love to act on your own, set your own work schedule, do what you love and live in one of the best cities in the world? Then freelancing in the UAE is definitely for you. You can get a freelance license in various free zones in the UAE, such as Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, Dubai Production City, Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai Design District, twofour54 in Abu Dhabi and Fujairah Creative City. Prices and conditions vary slightly depending on the free zone, but the basic requirements are the same. Let's take a closer look at what conditions TECOM Group offers, which includes free zones such as Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, Dubai Production City, Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai Design District.

    Freelancers of these free zones are united in the GoFreelance community and receive exclusive opportunities to create new jobs, participate in projects and expand their network through Marketplace, an online platform created to support the talents of Gofreelance.

    The GoFreelance platform brings together freelancers in the following areas:

    1) Tech

    - Web, Mobile, Software Development and Architecture Freelancer (A person providing services in desktop software development, Ecommerce development, game development, mobile development, product management, Q&A testing, scripts and utilities, web development, web and mobile design and software development);

    - IT and Telecommunication Networking Freelancer (A person providing services in database administration, ERP/CRM software, information security, network and system administration, IT and networking);

    - Data Science and Analytics Freelancer (A person providing services in A/B testing, data visualization, data extraction ETL, data mining and management, machine learning, quantitative analysis, data science and analytics);

    - Customer Service Freelancer (A person providing services in customer service, technical support and related services).

    2) Media

    In this field the following freelancer are able to get a license: actor, aerial shoot photographer, animator, artist, audio/sound engineer, brand consultant, cameramen, choreographer, commentator, composer, content provider, copywriter, creative director, critic, director (film, television, music, theatre), editor (audio/video, publishing), events planner, furniture designer, graphic designer, illustrator, journalist, lighting specialist, market analyst, marketing specialist, media planner, music director, musician, new media specialist, photographer, photojournalist, PR specialist, presenter TV/Radio, print media specialist, producer, scriptwriter, set and exhibit designer, social media specialist, social media influencer, special effects producer, translator, wardrobe stylist, web developer, web designer, writer).

    3) Education

    Education advisor, eLearing advisor, executive coaching, researcher, trainer.

    4) Design

    Designer, stylist, make-up artist, wedding planner and so on.

    The application procedure is very simple.

    Step 1: online apply contact information and field of activity, upload a scanned copy of the UAE passport and visa (if you are in the UAE). The application is reviewed within 5-7 working days. After that, you receive an email approval.

    Step 2: you pay for the license; the cost is AED 7,500 (2040 USD) - paid annually. You can pay by cash, card or check on the territory of TECOM coworking spaces. You receive a license within two working days.

    Step 3: Apply and receive an establishment card, cost AED 2,000 (545 USD) - billed annually.

    Step 4: apply for a visa. Required documents: passport, establishment card, photo, valid medical insurance (must be purchased in advance). Visa cost for three years:

    - if you are outside the UAE: AED 3330 (900 USD);

    - if you are in the UAE: AED 4960 (1350 USD).

    It is possible to apply for an express procedure, then the price increases to 3900 and 6340 AED, respectively. Visa processing can take 2-3 weeks.

    Remote work

    With the aim of attracting talent and experience from around the world, the UAE Cabinet has approved a new remote work visa scheme so that employees from around the world can work remotely from the UAE. An annual visa allows foreigners to enter the UAE on a self-sponsored basis and work under the conditions issued with the visa. 

    This major move, considered the first of its kind in the region, provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs and talent to innovate in a safe and attractive UAE business environment with access to all the services they need, including world-class utilities and telecommunications services. As part of a virtual work program, you can move to Dubai (from outside the UAE) and continue to work remotely for an organization you already work for. 

    The Virtual Work Program is designed for people who live and work outside the UAE, startups and entrepreneurs who meet the selection criteria. If your application for residency in Dubai is approved by the UAE authorities, you can also bring your family with you. The program is valid for one year with the possibility of renewal upon re-application.

    To apply for the program, you need to have a passport valid for at least six months and valid medical insurance covering your residency in the UAE. If you are an employee, you need to: 

    - provide proof of work with a contract valid for one year from your current employer; 

    - wages must be at least 5000 US dollars per month; 

    - provide payroll for the last month and bank statements for the previous three months.  

    The cost of the program is $ 287. In addition, you need to pay the UAE health insurance premium and handling fees. 

    Please note that paying a processing fee does not guarantee approval of the application.


    Frequently Asked

    What is the average salary in the UAE?

    The level of average wages in the UAE cannot be determined legally. As the difference is extremely large, it is essential to note that citizens of the United States and Europe earn significantly more than residents of Asia and Africa in the same position. Following are some examples, according to the latest KingstonStanley report: Application developer - 4000 - 7000 USD; HR Specialist - 2700 - 4900 USD; Financial Manager - 4900 - 8200 USD; Full Stack Developer - 5400 - 6200 USD.

    What is the definition of a freelancer in the UAE?

    He/she is an independent vendor with a freelance license and a work permit. There is no requirement to incorporate a separate company in order to run a business.

    What is a freelance visa?

    It is a type of visa that is issued to a foreigner who has obtained a freelance license in the United Arab Emirates for a period of three years.

    What documents are required for the application of a freelance visa?

    To obtain a freelancer visa in the UAE, you must submit the following documents: an application form, a copy of your passport, a passport photo, a resume, a bank statement, a diploma, certified by the UAE consulate or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for education field), and two professional references with e-mail addresses (for media field).

    How long does it normally take to complete all documents?

    The entire application process, as with investor or employee visa, might take about 2-3 weeks.

    Is it possible to work in the UAE with a freelance visa?

    Yes, it is. This program was introduced in the UAE specifically for this purpose. Keep in mind that you will only be permitted to work in the specialty for which you have been licensed, and in the territory of the free zone where you obtained the license.

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